Thursday, October 30, 2014

Supergirls and Talented Teachers

During the Holiday, Mr. Hennessey (Health Teacher) and Mr. Snowberger (Math Teacher) try to outdo each other with Holiday drawings. It is always nice to see the diverse talents of out staff. 
Mr. Hennessey's Picture
Mr. Snowberger's Picture

Below is a juggling demonstration from Mr. Allison.  Not only has Mr. Allison been an excellent shop teacher, but Mr. Allison is very  talented.  Mr. Allison has been in charge of our building juggling club for many years.  This club will start this winter, so please watch the announcement feed for details.

Since tomorrow is a teacher work day and no students will be at school, we are having our BJHS Halloween Party Tonight.  This party starts at 6:30 and is for BJHS students only.  

Today is also the end of our Red Ribbon Week.  Today students dressed up to scare away drugs.  We also had many superheros here today.  I am the one in the middle. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mug Wars

Mrs. Matlow's 7th Grade English Class has partnered with in Traverse City to collect mugs for their company. The reason for doing this collection is that they only use recycled mugs in their business even if you purchase coffee to go. How does this connect to our learning? The class is writing persuasive papers about the theme: "Going Green". Mrs. Matlow was able to use several samples from this Michigan business about what they are doing to help the environment and keep their company green. Mrs. Matlow has shared with the class the variety of things they are doing that are "green" activities for their business such as online punch cards and delivering their coffee by bike and cart, instead of truck. All of this information can be confirmed on their website. Our students are going to write persuasive papers based on things that they think their families and people in our community can do to "Go Green" and help our environment. The classes conducted a "Mug Wars" challenge between all of Mrs. Matlow's classes. We put boxes in the back of the room and kept weekly tally sheets. The staff of BJHS also donated mugs.

Great job Mrs. Matlow and her English Classes for the awesome green effort.  Please check out the slideshow below for pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Yearbook Sales:

Here is the address to purchase a yearbook online:

Step 1# Enter Bedford Junior High school
Step #2 Choose options (if you want any)
Step #3 Complete the order and pay online

If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook at the school, we will be selling advance copies of the yearbook in the cafeteria each day.  Please make checks out to Bedford Junior High School. If you want to pay cash, please turn the money to the yearbook sales staff in the cafeteria, (include appropriate amount) and we give students a receipt. Thanks in advance . . . 

*Please be advised that we are running an "early bird" special. 
The price is $40.00 until Thanksgiving, then it goes to $42.00 until Winter break. 
From there, the price will be $45.00 until February 14, 2015.  

**All sales ends on the 2/14/2015 final date.

***If there are any concerns, kindly email me at the following site: