Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day this Saturday.  Math enthusiasts have celebrated Pi Day every March 3rd, 3/14.  However this Saturday is Super Pi Day because we go out an extra 2 digits, 3/14/15.  In order to celebrate, 6th grade math teacher Mrs. Wood challenged her students to memorize as many digits of Pi as they could.  Jared Hallgren memorized 154 digits!  As a "reward" for the student who memorized the most digits, they were allowed to throw a pie at Mrs. Wood.  Good job Jared and thank you Mrs. Wood for being a great sport. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome Future 6th Graders

I will be visiting the elementary schools over the next few days in order to talk about 6th grade.  Time is flying by!

Postcards were mailed home inviting families to our 5th Grade Open House.  We will be having lunch for dinner at 6:00 in the cafe.  At 6:45 I will be addressing everyone in the gym.  Then students will go on a scavenger hunt in the building.

Click here to see the registration form.

Below is the presentation for the 5th Graders.